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Wholesale DIDs

We provide Geographical & National Phone Numbers to more than 50 nations & 4,000 cities worldwide. This enables the firm to save time by eradicating the need for operators to route calls. IGS offers every DID number at affordable monthly rates, free of minute charges, and with a range of channel and routing options.

Around the World

Your phone number is no longer limited by geographical boundaries. Now you can answer your calls anywhere in the world.

No Setup Fees

We have optimized the process it takes to get you setup so that you don't have to pay us just to get started.

What is DID?

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) is an emerging technology that has created several new business opportunities for service providers. Today, Corporations and Call Centers are able to maintain many phone numbers with multiple area codes and have them forwarded anywhere in the world.

Answer your calls anywhere in the world with local Virtual Numbers at very low rates.

Receive forwrded calls wherever you need i.e in Office, Home, on your Mobile.

We offer you the following benefits:

Icon Global’s DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) are the perfect solution for service providers looking to bridge the gap between Internet telephony products and the traditional telephone networks.

Our service provides each DID number at low monthly costs with no per minute charges and flexible channel and routing options.

Our VoIP media gateways convert incoming PSTN calls to VoIP and transport them to anywhere in the world.

The price difference as compared to true call forwarding is tremendous. Today, if a client signed up for DID in the US and requested their Telco to forward calls to phone numbers in other destinations every call would be a long distance charge – up to 30 cents or more per minute. With the Icon Global's DID, the call would be remarkably cheaper because the call is being sent through IP infrastructure.

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