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Toll Free Numbers

IGS allocates Toll Free Numbers to enable businesses to strengthen their credibility with prospects and clients and foster a nationwide presence. You may choose a number, get it activated in a couple of minutes, and manage your call forwarding and other services online with just a few clicks.

Instantly Change International Call Forwarding Settings
Icon Global Services specializes in international call forwarding. We do this better than anyone else by providing you with a reliable service that makes you accessible to your customers around the globe. Your call forwarding settings can be changed instantly depending on your needs. You can forward incoming calls to your existing call center or office anywhere in the world. Your new phone number can ring at several locations in different countries. For example, your new phone number can be forwarded to your reservation center in England and your customer service center in France. Let's say you add a new office in Belgium and want to forward calls there; you can. Your calls can be forwarded wherever they need to go.
SIP (VoIP) Forwarding
In addition to forwarding calls through the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), our network is able to route phone calls across the Internet. SIP, or Session Initiated Protocol, refers to enterprise-grade VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol). Many customers appreciate the per-minute cost savings of SIP and find that the enterprise-grade lines provide excellent sound quality and reliability. To forward calls to a SIP device, you would provide a SIP address instead of a forwarding phone number. A SIP address looks like an email address, a few examples are 8885551212@, 8885551212@mysip.mydomain.com, or even joe@mysip.mydomain.com. We support G.711 µ-Law and G.729 codecs, T.38 fax-relay, and RTP-NTP for DTMF-relay. Calls can instantly failover to PSTN if your SIP device fails for any reason.
Time/Day Call Routing
You can control where calls are forwarded during specified times of the day and days of the week. Our system lets you forward calls to your call center while it's open, to your office during business hours, and then to VoiceMail2MyEmailSM at night. If you have staff working at different times in multiple locations, you can arrange to forward calls to different places at different times. For example, you can forward calls to your sales associate in Beijing during business hours there, and forward calls to your associate in Buenos Aires during business hours there. Call centers know this as "Follow The Sun" call routing. Calls can be forwarded to the call center that is open during local business hours. You can also send calls directly to VoiceMail2MyEmailSM on weekends.
Simultaneous Ringing
Your business won't miss a call when your new phone number is forwarded to ring at multiple phone numbers simultaneously. Calls can be automatically forwarded to 15 different numbers that will all ring at the same time. The call will be connected to the first phone that answers.
Sequential Ringing
If the first phone number you specified doesn't answer, calls will be forwarded to the next phone number you provided. Just let us know which phones to ring and in what order. Sequential ringing has been a valuable feature for our clients. For those with multiple call centers, when all the phones at one center are busy, sequential ringing allows customer calls to be forwarded to another center to be answered. Another popular use of sequential ringing is to have an office desk phone ring first, and if it is not answered, the call is then forwarded to a mobile phone.
Simultaneous and Sequential Ringing
You can combine both simultaneous and sequential ringing. Several phones can ring simultaneously and, if none of them are answered, calls will be forwarded to other designated phones. Calls will start ringing on the new set of phones until one of them is answered.
Instantly Activate New Local and International Phone Numbers on Your Existing Account
Get a phone number where you want more customers. Make it easy for your customers to reach you using a phone number that is local to them. Icon Global Services has phone numbers in more places than any other company. Our broad inventory lets you get the phone numbers you want as you need them now and in the future.
Select Your Phone Number
Choose your new phone number from our list of available international toll-free and local phone numbers. We display our inventory of phone numbers so you can select the one you want. The phone number you choose for your free trial is the one you keep, so you can start advertising your new phone number as soon as you get it.
Instant Activation
In three minutes, you can have your new phone number and start receiving calls. Go to our free trial page and sign up now. Your phone number will be instantly activated, and your free trial will begin. After your free trial, you keep this phone number and continue enjoying uninterrupted service. You can instantly add more phone numbers to your account as needed. Start your free trial or buy now.
Failover Routing Overview
Icon Global Services uses more than 10 telecom carriers so that we have several PSTN routes available to forward your calls. Our system is programmed to find the best carrier for a clear connection so you can communicate with your customers. If one carrier isn't sending a call through, our network automatically switches to another carrier. A PSTN number is simply a regular phone number that you use every day, we use the term PSTN to distinguish between a SIP destination, which uses VoIP and isn’t directly accessible from regular phones. In the event your PSTN phone number or SIP destination is not reachable for any reason, the failover routing mechanisms on our network will automatically send your calls to a backup destination(s) you specify.
PSTN/PSTN Failover
If calls can’t get to your primary destination PSTN number for any reason, our network will automatically forward that call to the backup PSTN number(s) you specify. Any errors or timeouts detected when your phone number is dialed will trigger an instant call to the backup number(s).
SIP/SIP Failover
Our network instantly knows if your SIP device is responding and is able to answer the call. If your primary SIP destination can’t answer for whatever reason, our network will re-route your calls to the backup SIP destination(s) in less than one second.
SIP with PSTN Failover
If your SIP device misses an incoming call, our network will instantly forward that call to the next destination(s) you specify. The next destination could be another SIP address or a traditional PSTN phone number. This allows you the savings and flexibility of SIP with the added reliability of a PSTN failover.
Failover to Multiple Destinations
You can setup your failover routing using any combination of up to 15 PSTN numbers or SIP devices. Use our Online Control Center to modify your settings instantly. This feature is especially useful when you are performing maintenance on your internal phone system.
Combine Failover Routing with Time/Day Routing, Virtual Extensions, or Voice Menu
All Icon Global Services call forwarding features use failover routing that allows maximum flexibility and reliability in getting your calls to the appropriate destination. When using Time/Day Routing, each time profile can have its own combination of primary and backup phone numbers or SIP addresses. Similarly, any Virtual Extension or shortcut key from a Voice Menu can use a call forwarding rule with failover routing. This allows you to set failover routing preferences based on the needs of your company.
Unlimited Extensions
Your new phone number can have as many extensions as you need. And those extensions can ring to various geographical locations around the world. Your 3- to 6-digit extensions can go to a person, a voice menu or VoiceMail2MyEmailSM. Using extensions with your new phone number makes it easy to route calls to the right person at the right time, especially if you have offices in different locations.
Customizable Voice Menu (IVR)
Create your own voice menu (IVR — Interactive Voice Response) and our automated system will guide your callers to the right department to expedite their requests. You can record custom messages for all of your voice menu options. Our IVR system is designed to accommodate the voice menu needs of large call centers as well as small businesses.
Call Transfer
If a caller is better served by a different person or department, the call can be transferred to any extension - anywhere in the world. Instead of asking customers to dial another number, an easy call transfer will help you provide excellent customer service.
Dynamic Caller ID
You choose the caller ID that is displayed on incoming calls to your existing phone - the phone number of the caller or the Icon Global Services number that was dialed. Many Icon Global Services clients prefer knowing if a call is coming through the Icon Global Services network, which guides them in how to address the caller.
Get voicemail sent to your email. You can listen to your voicemails on your PC or smart phone, save them for future reference, and even forward them to colleagues who need a copy. VoiceMail2MyEmail attaches the voicemail to an email as an audio file and sends it to the email address(es) you specify.
Press Any Key to Accept Call
Let’s say you’re using simultaneous ringing and sending calls to your office phone and mobile phone. If your mobile phone is switched off or the battery has died, you can make sure your calls don’t go straight to voicemail using this human recognition feature. With this feature, your office phone continues to ring and you can accept the call by pressing any key. If you are not in the office, the call will go to voicemail after a determined number of rings
Dial Foreign Extensions
Calls can go directly to a single extension without having the caller go through voice menu and dial an extension. This feature automatically sends all calls made to your new phone number to the extension you indicate.
PBX Set-up Assistance Service
If you would like assistance setting up your hosted PBX, our customer support staff can guide you through the Online Control Center and help you set up your call forwarding and PBX features. The price for this service is $100.
Online Control Center
You can access information about your iconglobal.co.uk account from any computer anytime, anywhere. Add more phone numbers instantly. Set up and update your advanced call forwarding and PBX features including adding unlimited extensions, voice menu/IVR, VoiceMail2MyEmailSM, Fax2MyEmailSM, time/day call forwarding and simultaneous and sequential ringing plus our other features. This secure website also provides real-time billing and reporting allowing you to view and download up-to-the-minute billing information along with detailed call records.
Real-time Call Record
View detailed information about every call that is made to your Icon Global Services phone number. Learn about your customers’ call habits and high traffic call locations to help make decisions about outbound sales and follow-up. You can use the real-time call record for accounting purposes as well.
What services do we offer?
Icon Global Services specializes in providing international toll-free and local phone numbers in more than 60 countries. Our phone numbers come with international call forwarding and smart features such as a hosted PBX with unlimited extensions, VoiceMail2MyEmail, time/day call routing, sequential ringing and simultaneous ringing.
How can Icon Global Services help my business?
When was the last time you called overseas to reach a business? The simple truth is most people don't know how to call internationally, and even if they do, they wouldn't go through the hassle. Having a locally-recognized number makes international customers more likely to call your business. Your new phone number instantly broadens your market, increasing revenue potential and improving customer satisfaction.
What is call forwarding?
Call forwarding lets you have a phone number wherever your customers are, and to send those calls wherever you or your representatives are. With call forwarding, customers can call you as if you were across the street, even if you're across the globe.
Where can I forward my calls?
Calls to your new phone number can be forwarded to any phone on Earth.
Can callers tell that I'm not physically in the location they're calling?
The only way your customers will know you're somewhere else is if you tell them. We even offer international ringback tones for added authenticity.
Do I have to agree to a long-term commitment?
You can cancel anytime with in the monthly billing after the monthly rentals have been paid and all outstanding cleared.
How many phone numbers can I have on my account?
As many phone numbers as you need. Use the Online Control Center to activate new numbers instantly whenever you need more.
How long does it take before I can start using my new phone number?
You can begin receiving calls to your new phone number in about three minutes.
Should I cancel service with my existing phone company?
No. Icon Global Services works together with your existing phone service by forwarding calls made to your new phone number to your existing phones.
Does my current telephone company offer this service?
Possibly, but they can't match us. International call forwarding is our specialty. For instance, new phone numbers from Icon Global Services can begin receiving calls within minutes of activation. Your current phone company could make you wait anywhere from six to eight weeks.
What if phones go down on my end?
The best work-around is to set failover phone numbers to ring should your phones ever stop working. Icon Global Services also employs several modes of failover routing to ensure your calls come through.
How do I contact you if I have questions?
Ask a question here, or refer to our Contact page for international phone numbers and email addresses.
Where is your customer service call center located?
Our call center is in UK and India (New Delhi).
What's the difference between my new phone number and my existing phone number?
Both your new and existing phone numbers receive calls the same way, with one important difference: your new phone number gives your business a local presence in any country or city where you want more customers. With call forwarding, we send calls made to your new phone number to your existing phone number, which means you can do business anywhere without having to physically be there.
What are the different types of phone numbers?
Icon Global Services offers three types of phone numbers: • A toll-free phone number allows customers to call at no charge to them. Instead, the charge for using a toll-free number is paid by the called party. In the US and Canada, a toll-free number begins with the 1-800, 1-866, 1-877, or 1-888 prefix. In the UK, they are 0-800 numbers or 0-808 numbers. • A local phone number is a phone number assigned to a designated geographic area by an area code or city code. • A national phone number is considered a local call from all cities in a given country, but not geographically assigned to any specific city. The UK, Spain, and France are some of the countries where national phone numbers are available.
Can I transfer my Icon Global Services phone numbers to another carrier?
Yes, after you have paid for service on that number for 90 days, you can port any number to the carrier of your choosing. Be sure to notify us after the transfer is complete to ensure we stop billing you for that number; we are not always notified when numbers are transferred away.
Where are US/Canada toll-free phone numbers accessible?
US and Canada toll-free numbers may be accessed in the US (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and Saipan.
How many phone numbers can I have on a single account?
As many as you need. You can add new phone numbers instantly at any time.
How is monthly pricing determined?
Your monthly pricing is based on the type of number you choose. Refer to the Pricing page to see monthly pricing, included minutes, and additional per-minute rates. Your monthly pricing may vary depending on the number of minutes you use, and the location(s) and type of phone where you forward calls. For instance, it is less expensive to forward to a European landline than to forward to a European mobile.

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